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TechNumero.Com is an online technology website and information blog, was founded and published in year 2014. We are a team of tech-savvy professionals with a common idea to construct a proficient as well as resourceful online platform about web and technology. The blog is focused to offer useful and valuable information to readers about gadgets, internet, applications and software. We aimed to share fresh & easy to use tutorials, tweaks and accessible information based on our experiences and knowledge. The blog is jointly developed and formulated by Saurabh and Shashank.

Saurabh K is a Development Professional by profession, a geek & technology enthusiast by choice, a part-time blogger & developer. He have faith in technology and ponders that we can make our lives better and simpler with the right use of technology. He loves to explore and discover new ways to use gadgets and machines more efficiently. He is an outlier and lensman, would like to share his experiences and knowledge with external world.

Shashank S holds a degree in engineering, he loves to write about web services and internet technology, he is a part-time blogger & web developer. He loves experimentation in photography, is also a social media enthusiast and his eternal appetency to learn and explore about new technologies & web application leads his path.

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