WordPress Speed Optimization Guide for better PageSpeed

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” ― Henry Ford

There are several aspects of speed optimization in WordPress. So we want you to take one step at a time to keep the process easy.

Enough has been written about the importance of website speed so none of that needs to repeat here.

We’ll share all the methods we utilize to optimize our WordPress website to get a good speed score. We’ll show you all without holding anything back.

Let’s go.

The process of WordPress speed optimization is simple:

  1. Testing the website
  2. Fixing the issues
  3. Re-testing the site to see changes

#1 Testing the website

We use PageSpeed Insights as our go-to speed test tool.

  • Test your website through this tool to have a baseline result of your website. It’s better to keep the results open in one browser tab so that you can compare the results after fixing the issues.
  • Note down the issues and areas of improvement suggested by PageSpeed Insights.
  • Pick one of the issues and start looking for the solution.
Pagespeed Insights Results
Pagespeed Insights Results

#3 Re-testing the site

After implementing the fixes of issues on your site, re-test your site to see the changes. And compare the fresh result with the one you got before implementing the fixes.

Pagespeed Insights Results
Pagespeed Insights Results

Technology is dynamic, so to stay at the top of the game, we must keep catching up with the changes. We’re trying and you should too.

At TechNumero, we are committed to sharing our learnings with you so that you don’t need to do all the heavy lifting by yourself.