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At TechNumero.Com, we always focus on our visitors’ privacy and it is extremely important for us. Here we are sharing, kind of information we collect and receive when you visit our website TechNumero. And the safety mechanisms we use to protect your information.

We never share your personal data with outside parties. Information and data collected or received are used to streamline TechNumero in various aspects and to improve the user experience of our visitors.

Log Files

We do collect information about your ISP (Internet Service Provider – for example: Verizon Communications, Google Fibre, AT&T, Airtel or BSNL etc.), your Internet Protocol address, information about web browser (for example: Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) you are using to visit TechNumero.Com, web pages you visited on our website. Above mentioned data contained in log files.


Third-party applications (such as Google Analytics) used on our website may be assigning or reading cookies to/from your web browser. Cookies work as an identifier to recognize your web browser by transferring alphanumeric data to your computer. At any point in time you can block or temporarily disable these cookies if you do so, TechNumero.Com might not function and appear as it is designed. However, if you want to disable cookies, kindly follow instructions as per your web browser. Following information may be collected by cookies:

  1. Hostname or domain name from which you access the internet and web address of the website from where you being directed/redirected or linked to TechNumero.Com.
  2. Date & time you access the website and pages you visit.
  3. The IP address, operating system, web browser, the platform of your device from which you logged on our website.
  4. Your personal data you provided in the comment section.

Email Addresses

Email-id is mandatory if you want to make comment on any article on our website, or you want to contact us through our contact page. We can assure you that we never share your email address with any third party or website. Your email will only be used to answer your inquiries over mail and to reply to your comments in the comment section.


We do encourage visitors to share their feedback in the comment section. TechNumero.Com does not undertake responsibility for comments made on this website by third parties (i.e. you). We do not entertain comments, which are not suitable or appropriate, as we reserve rights to allow or remove any comment at any point in time.

We recommend visitors or users not to make abusive or objectionable, racist or prejudice comments. Any form of spam will not be acknowledged. And such comments will be removed and users may be blocked. We may take legal action against spammers or phishing activities.

Advertising of any product or irrelevant comments only for making backlinks will not be accepted and will be deleted with immediate effect.


We always look after that content published on TechNumero.Com should not violate copyright norms. When we share the information which is inspired by content on other websites, we always give proper ‘source’, ‘courtesy’ and ‘credit’. Kindly get back to us immediately if you want to report such content or activity through our contact page.

We do not recommend anybody to reproduce TechNumero’s content including text, picture, video, audio, etc. without prior permission in written form us. We may take legal action against such users as per Global Copyright Law.