Our report card: The site speed report that inspires you to replicate similar results

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” — Carl Sagan

This article is not to boast our site’s performance. We have other articles for that. 🙂

The purpose of writing this one is to show how our website scored on different speed tests. So that you may believe these results can be replicated for your website as well.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a speed test tool offered by Google. For the same reason, it is considered the gold standard of website speed benchmarking.

pagespeed insights result technumero
PageSpeed Insights Result

Our score

Core Web Vitals Assessment: Passed for mobile and desktop

It is based on the Core Web Vitals metrics over latest 28-days.

Performance: 100 for desktop, 98-100 for mobile

It is more of lab data calculated from live metrics score of tested website.

Audits: Passed 35 audits for desktop and 33 audits for mobile

The website under test is evaluated through audits based on performance and user experience.


GTmetrix is partly powered by Lighthouse (the core of PageSpeed Insights). In addition to Lighthouse performance tests, it offers site structure audits and a waterfall chart of resource loading.

gtmetrix result technumero
GTmetrix Result

Our score

GTmetrix Grade: A, Performance – 100%, Structure – 99%

Web Vitals: LCP – 377ms, TBT – 0ms, CLS – 0


In Google Chrome DevTools, there is a built-in speed test tool powered by Lighthouse. It gauges a website in four categories i.e. Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

lighthouse result technumero
Lighthouse Result

Our Score

Performance: 100; performance estimate of site

Accessibility: 100; accessibility score of the website

Best Practices: 100; adoption of best practices, browser errors, etc.

SEO: 100; compliance with basic search engine optimization for a web page


Not just above three tests, TechNumero also scored well on other tests.


speedvitals result technumero
SpeedVitals Result

Let’s make your website faster

You can get a similar performance by replicating the process we followed.

Enough talking, let’s make your WordPress fast.

PS: Just because we scored more A’s on our report card this time, does not mean we cannot mess up. And when we’ll, we expect you to be nice and supportive. ✌️