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Picking the right web hosting is a tough task. There are hundreds of options to explore so you can easily get overwhelmed and end up picking a mediocre hosting provider.

This is where a Web Hosting Free trial becomes handy. It allows you to fully test a hosting provider and access all its features before giving your final verdict.

Fastest WordPress Hosting Anywhere!

There are a lot of factors to consider when picking a good hosting service, like speed, price, uptime, server location, etc. The only way to have a real-time assessment of those factors is through a free trial web hosting for WordPress.

So in this guide, I will cover the best web hosting free trials to help you make a better decision.

What is a Free Hosting Trial?

As the name implies ‘free trial’. This means you get to explore all the potentials of a hosting provider over some time for free.

This will enable you to gain first-hand experience of the features and performance level of the host before you eventually pay for it.

Different hosting companies offer different trial durations and methods. Some hosts offer longer trial durations (like 60 days free trial) and some offer a ‘no-credit card’ free trial or demo site.

As a site manager, you can leverage a free hosting trial to make smart decisions in picking the best hosting company.

For example, you should use hosting trials to evaluate the speed, uptime, server response time, and overall performance of a web host before deciding to go for them.

Best Web Hosting Free Trial

Best Web Hosting Free Trial for WordPress [2021]
Best Web Hosting Free Trial for WordPress [2021]

Now let’s take a deeper dive into 12 WordPress hosting free trials and also see what features each offer.

1. HostGator Free Trial

HostGator Free Hosting Trial - Get 30 days WordPress Hosting in just 1 Cent
HostGator Free Hosting Trial – Get free 30 day trial web hosting for WordPress in just 1 Cent

The first free trial WordPress hosting on this list is HostGator, one of the top choices for site owners. The host is currently handling over 8,000,000 domains and boasts over 850 workers. This is why it’s among the most recognized hosts in the world.

The hosting company was founded in 2002, serves as a global provider of web hosting services like dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and also offers a feature pack shared hosting plan that’s known for super-speed.

Also, HostGator has a free trial plan where you pay 1 cent to enjoy their feature-rich package of WordPress hosting for 1 month.

The reason for the 1 cent for HostGator free trial is to avoid spammers that might try to mess up the offer. You can pay the 1 cent trial with your PayPal, you don’t have to use your credit card.

Once you use the HostGator penny offer’s link, their 1 cent hosting is applied automatically.

One thing to love about Hostgator is their free website builder that contains over 4500 templates. Regardless of the type of site you want to create, you will find a template that suits your desire.

There are lots of features to love about HostGator and you can explore them with their one-month free trial web hosting or 1 cent hosting trial.


  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Website Transfer is Free
  • Free website builder with over 4500 Templates
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited Sub Domains

HostGator Free Hosting Trial Period: Free 30 day trial web hosting

2. WPX Hosting Free Trial

WPX Hosting - 60 days Free trial - 2 months Hosting for only $1
Get 60 days Free trial on WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is another managed WordPress hosting that delivers quality services at an insane speed. The host is known for speed that it is regularly listed among the top 3 fastest hosting platforms.

One uncommon thing you get with WPX Hosting is hosting up to 5 websites with its starter plan. You also have access to a free built-in CDN in all their plans.

Thinking of the best-managed WordPress hosting? The answer falls within Kinsta, WP Engine, and WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting also offers a 60 days free trial where you can enjoy their hosting services for 2 months for only $1. Yes, $1 to host your website with them for 60 days.

Depending on the site you are creating, I won’t recommend WPX Hosting for a small site with low or mid-sized traffic. The host is a bit expensive and suits only sites with huge traffics.

In a scenario where you are not satisfied with their services after activating a plan, they offer a no-question 28-day money-back guarantee.

One thing to also love about WPX Hosting is how they bill you for the storage and bandwidth you use instead of billing you per visitor.


  • Automatic daily backups
  • High-speed WPX Cloud CDN
  • Free Unlimited Website Migration
  • 1 Click WordPress Installation
  • 24/7 Quality Support

WPX Hosting Free Trial Period: 60 Days

3. Cloudways Free Trial

Cloudways Managed WordPress Free Hosting Trial for 3 days
Managed WordPress Free Hosting Trial by Cloudways

Cloudways is a cloud-based managed WordPress hosting that offers tons of features for a relatively low price.

When it comes to picking a fast web hosting, a lot of experts choose Cloudways claiming it’s 3X faster than normal hosting (yes, it’s super-fast).

Cloudways also offers a no-credit card free trial. You don’t need to pay a dime to enjoy their free trial with all features enabled. Right from their homepage, you’ll find the “Get Started Free” button.

Even though Cloudways trial hosting lasts only 3 days, you will have access to all features which will enable you to decide whether to pay for a plan.

Their regular plan starts at $10 per month with a handful of features. You can also save money and get a 20% Additional Discount on Cloudways using code – TNOCW

Out of all the plethora of hosting features Cloudways offer, their super-fast site performance is commendable.

You can have your site load in less than a second even with their cheapest plan (DigitalOcean). Although, you need to support it with a speed optimization plugin to enhance the performance.

Similar to Cloudways, there are other popular managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta. They do not offer any free trial, but you get a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Read our in-depth review of Kinsta to know more about its performance and features.


  • Advanced Caching
  • Free website migrations
  • High-Level Security
  • Free SSL certificates
  • User-Friendly Interface

Cloudways Free Hosting Trial Period: 3 Days

4. Liquid Web Free Trial

Liquid Web (NEXCESS) - 14 days Free Hosting Trial
Liquid Web (NEXCESS) – 14 days Free Hosting Trial

Founded in 1997, Liquid Web is another managed hosting platform using its 25 years of experience to serve 45,000+ customers in over 150 countries.

The host offers tons of managed hosting services including managed WordPress, cloud hosting, managed WooCommerce, VPS hosting, and Custom-built Managed Solutions.

Liquid Web also works with over 500 hosting experts to make sure their services are always at the top. From recently, they have started offering hosting services under a new brand named NEXCESS.

The best part is?

They also allow a 14 days free trial on both of their managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce services.

So whether you are building a site or an eCommerce store, you can still enjoy a 14-days free trial to test-run their host features.

The trial is fully free and doesn’t require a credit card.

Once you click on this Liquid web trial link, you should then navigate to their managed WordPress hosting page and below the price and plan, click on the start your free trial button.

You will have to request a free trial by inserting your email, domain name, and nickname. The free trial is without a credit card.


  • Beaver Builder Lite
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free SSL

Liquid Web Free Hosting Trial Period: 14 days

5. Flywheel Free Trial

Flywheel Free Hosting Trial - Get a Demo Site for 14 days
Flywheel Free Hosting Trial – Get a Demo Site for 14 days

The web hosting platform Flywheel was initially designed for creatives, agencies, and freelancers that build multiple sites frequently. The hosting platform now serves a wider audience including those creating small sites.

As a freelancer or agency that creates sites for clients frequently, Flywheel still offers mouth-watering features that reduce your workload and minimize costs. For instance, their demo sites allow creating a large number of sites.

Flywheel also offers a free trial. The way it works is that you have access to a free demo site for 14 days. You can do anything you do with a normal site with your demo site.

From installing several applications to publishing content and so on. The demo site serves the purpose of giving you a taste of how their original hosting plan works.

Once you click on this Flywheel trial link, you can get a free demo site for 14 days.


  • CDNs on all Plans
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free Demo Sites
  • Site Cloning
  • Free site migrations

Flywheel Free Hosting Trial Period: 14 days Demo Site

6. AccuWeb Hosting Free trial

AccuWeb Hosting Free WordPress Hosting for Lifetime - 30 Days trial
30 days trial – AccuWeb Hosting Free WordPress Hosting for Lifetime

AccuWeb Hosting has been in the game for a long time. They currently serve over 55000 customers with their 14+ years of hosting experience. I think it’s safe to call them a one-stop solution hosting provider.

AccuWeb Hosting offers several hosting options including cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers (on both Windows and Linux platforms), and VPS hosting.

Furthermore, their hosting services include domain registration, email delivery services, backup services, SSL certificates, anti-spam email protection, and free migration service. They even offer a lot more.

AccuWeb Hosting offers a free hosting trial where you enjoy their feature-rich services for 30 days before taking out your wallet.

This trial doesn’t require your credit card, it’s completely free and you will be compelled to activate a plan after one month free trial web hosting.

If you are impressed after their 1-month free trial web hosting, you can jump on their cheapest plan ($7.99 per month) where you enjoy features like 500 GB monthly bandwidth, 1 Dedicated IP, 40 GB SAN storage, and many more.


  • Server Firewall
  • Hosting in USA data Center
  • Complimentary Backups
  • Web-based VPS Management Panel
  • 1 Gbps Port Speed

AccuWeb Hosting Free Trial Period: Free 30 day trial web hosting

7. Nestify Free Trial

Nestify free trial
Nestify – Managed WordPress Hosting – 7 Days Free Trial

The next managed WordPress hosting platform on this list is Nestify, which serves thousands of bloggers, marketers, household brands, and companies with their eye-popping hosting services.

Aside from the fact that it’s a managed WordPress hosting, It also offers web hosting for agencies, managed WooCommerce hosting, and custom solutions.

Nestify has been proven to offer faster speed and high site performance along with Automatic Daily Backups and a no-question 30-day money-back guarantee, in the event that you want to cancel your plan.

Yet, Nestify also allows you to enjoy a glimpse of their hosting services for 7 days free. This will allow you to make a data-driven decision on whether to pay for a plan.

Once you get to their website, click on the ‘Start Now for Free’ button and give all required details to have access to their free hosting trial. Keep in mind that it is not the cPanel web hosting free trial.

After 7 days, the offer expires and you must activate a plan to continue using their services.


  • Automated Daily Backups
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fully Managed Cache
  • Free SSL for all plans
  • SSD storage for all plans

Nestify Free Hosting Trial Period: 7 days

8. Netregistry Free Trial

Netregistry Free Hosting - 30 days trial
Netregistry Free Hosting – 30 days trial

The next free web hosting trial on the list is Netregistry. It is taking the lead as the most popular all-in-one digital solution in Australia.

They offer tons of services that can help you start and grow an online business which includes web hosting services, domain registration, web design, and all online marketing services.

Even though Netregistry is based in Australia, they serve thousands of small businesses all around the world. You can be next!

Netregistry offers top-notch hosting services packed with amazing features. They also allow a free 30-day trial web hosting so a customer can feel their hosting services before getting convinced.

There is a lot to love about their hosting services. For example, you can use their DIY site builder to customize your site with easy drag and drops.

You can also leverage their 1-click install function to effortlessly install applications like WordPress, Drupal, etc.

You can enjoy and apply all these features during their 30-day free hosting trial. One does not have to share your Credit card details for trial activation.


  • Allows free trial for multiple domains
  • 24/7 Customer Support Guaranteed
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Custom Email Accounts
  • Free DIY website builder

Netregistry Free Hosting Trial Period: 30 days

9. Lithium Hosting Free trial

Lithium Hosting - 30 Days Free Hosting for trial
Free 30 day trial web hosting by Lithium Hosting

Lithium Hosting has been among the top choice for bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and small businesses since 2006.

The hosting platform takes cloud hosting to another level, they offer cloud shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and many more.

Their cloud hosting comes with a handful of benefits like free SSL certificates, Weebly Site builder, Site-Lock security, etc.

Lithium Hosting is so confident in the quality of its services that they offer a no-question 90-day money-back guarantee. Meaning you can decide to terminate your plan within 90 days of payment if you are not satisfied.

What’s even more interesting?

Lithium Hosting also offers a 30-day free hosting trial to further convince you they are the best hosting platform you need. They usually offer cPanel web hosting free trials.

Once you get to their homepage, under their plans and prices, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial web hosting.


  • Free Site Migration
  • 90-day Money-back guarantee
  • 99.8% Uptime
  • Incredible Customer Support
  • 1-Click Install for Softwares and Applications

Lithium Hosting Free Hosting Trial Period: 30 days (one month free trial web hosting)

10. Cloudsigma Free Trial

Cloudsigma free trial
Cloudsigma – 7 days Free Trial Hosting

The next free WordPress trial hosting on the list is Cloudsigma, another cloud-based web host operating in Europe and the US with over 50 workers.

Cloudsigma offers top-level cloud servers and VPS hosting that can run on most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and many more.

If what you crave is a free trial cloud host, Cloudsigma is an option to consider. They allow a 7-day hosting trial with no credit card required.

What interests me most with Cloudsigma is their uptime. Most of their users claim they offer a 100% uptime meaning your site will be accessible any day, anytime without facing any difficulty.

Of course, you can examine that once you hop on their free trial. You should also examine other vital things like speed, plans, and other top features you want for your site.

In the end, you will love Cloudsigma since it offers tons of advanced features to create a perfect site.


  • High Performance with CPU customization and modern hardware
  • 128GB RAM per server
  • SSD storage on all plans
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Perfect Security

Cloudsigma Free Hosting Trial Period: 7 days

11. Exclusive Hosting Free Trial

Exclusive hosting free trial
Exclusive Hosting – 30 Days Free Trial Hosting for WordPress

Just like Cloudsigma, Exclusive Hosting is another cloud host that offers dozens of intriguing features including daily backup, unmetered monthly traffic, free domain name among many other exclusive features.

Exclusive Hosting also has a  no-credit card free hosting trial where you get to explore the nitty-gritty of their hosting services for full 30 days. Once your 30 days elapse, you will be prompted to jump on any of their packages.

Once you head over to their website, you can click on the “Start Free Trial” button to have access to their 30-day cPanel web hosting free trial. You won’t be required to enter your credit card details.

One thing I love about this host is the free site migration feature. Assuming you already built your site on a terrible host, you can effortlessly transfer your site to Exclusive Hosting for absolutely free.

Most hosting platforms will charge you for site migration or walk you through a stressful site migration if it’s free.


  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • 1-Click Install for Apps
  • Free Web statistic reports
  • Free Site Migration
  • 1 Free Domain Name

Exclusive Hosting Free Hosting Trial Period: 30 days

12. SmarterASP.NET Free Trial

SmarterASP net free trial
SmarterASP.NET – Get Free 60 Day Trial Web Hosting

It was founded in 1999 is a small hosting company hosting nearly 40000 websites by providing ASP.net and Linux-based services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Even though this host can’t compete with other big brands like Hostgator, it still offers similar services at a lower price compared to them.

You are wrong if you think SmarterASP.NET offers only ASP.net hosting, they also sell virtual private server (VPS) packages, reseller, and Linux cPanel plans.

SmarterASP.NET is surely confident in its services that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. You have a whopping 60 days to test-run their services.

It’s even surprising that SmarterASP.NET offers one of the longest free hosting trials. You can get a free 60 day trial web hosting for your site without using a credit card.

That’s beyond interesting.


  • In-House Control Panel
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • ASP.net First, Linux Second
  • SSD Storage & RAID Configuration
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

SmarterASP.NET Free Hosting Trial Period: 60 days

Which is the Best Web Hosting Free Trial?

There’s no single answer here. All the above-mentioned hosting providers clearly offer a trial plan and you can decide which to pick depending on your demand.

Smaller sites should jump on either shared hosting or managed WordPress hosts. While bigger sites should choose any cloud-based host on this list.

Wrapping Up the Free trial Web Hosting for WP

I hope you enjoy this list of Web hosting free trials with no credit card required.

When you don’t have the experience, picking the right host will be a hard job. Most hosting companies are good marketers that know how to lure their target to pay for their quack hosting services.

We do not find any 3 months free web hosting offer with no credit card. Do you know any, do let us know?

So leveraging a free hosting trial with no credit card required is a great way to have a test of your money.

If you are craving for a shared hosting free trial, Hostgator is a good choice, It offers tons of useful features you can explore.

And if you desire a cloud hosting free trial, Cloudways best suits your needs. It can help you create a powerful website with its advanced features.

Finally, if what you want is a managed WordPress hosting trial, I highly recommend you jump on WPX Hosting. The hosting ticks all the boxes.

So, which of these Web hosting free trials are you going to try? or which do you have experience with? Tell me in the comment box.

FAQs on Free Hosting Trial

Does Bluehost have a free trial?

Unfortunately, Bluehost no longer offers a free trial plan. They offer it years back but suddenly stopped it for reasons best known to them. But still, you can enjoy Bluehost which is the most popular web host at $2.95/month. Instead of Bluehost, you can also consider 30 days web hosting trial in just 1 Cent by HostGator.

Is Godaddy Free?

Although GoDaddy web hosting free trial is available for 30 days. But their actual plans are not free and start at $9.99 per month with tons of features available. Also, their free plan holds downs some key features making it unpleasant to use. For instance, you can’t use a custom domain name with their free plan. Instead, you should go for A2Hosting or HostGator, which matches the price of GoDaddy and perform much better.

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

This depends on the kind of site you are creating. But basically, you should budget at least $250 per year for a good hosting provider. It could be more if you want more features to work with. Check out this full price & performance comparison of best-shared hosting for more details.

Is Free Hosting Safe?

If you mean free hosting in terms of a free trial for a specified period of time, then it’s safe since the trial will end. But building your site on a completely free host isn’t safe as you can easily lose your site without prior notice. Instead of getting free hosting, try 30 days web hosting trial in just 1 Cent by HostGator.

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