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Dollar Photo Club was arguably the best place on the web-o-sphere to find high-quality stock photos for your blog! Unfortunately, it’s been well over a year now since Dollar Photo Club has down their shutters.

But as soon as the Dollar Photo Club was taken over by Adobe Stock, they instantly hiked the price of a photo to $2.99 (more than 3x the price of Dollar Photo Club). Meaning, you can only buy 10 photos for a membership fee of $29.99/month at Adobe Stock. That’s upsetting!

This rather unreasonable hike has made Adobe Stock membership unaffordable to many of us!

But thank goodness, there are some great alternatives to Dollar Photo Club, and undoubtedly, the best Dollar Photo Club alternative now is the 99 Club!

The Best Dollar Photo Club Alternative - 99 Club from Stock Photo Secrets
The Best Dollar Photo Club Alternative – 99 Club from Stock Photo Secrets

The 99 Club (from Stock Photo Secrets) is not only the finest Dollar Photo Club alternative, but it’s even better than that.

Here’s why 99 Club is Better and a Fantastic Dollar Photo Club alternative…

  • Unlike Dollar Photo Club (Adobe Stock), 99 Club lets you download 200 XXL stock images (of any size) at just $99/year! That is, a photo would only cost $0.49. With no monthly limits. Well, that’s a STEAL!
  • If your requirement is high (and of course if you have a bigger budget) the site offers two more plans – $550/year with 50 downloads per month and $999/year with 500 downloads per month.
  • You can choose these images from any collection, and also, any image, video, premium font, and vector.
  • When you run out of your 200 stock photo limit, the site offers additional ones at just $0.99 per photo.
  • So, if I wanted to download 500 stock photos from 99 Club, I would only have to pay $396 (200 @ $0.49 and additional 300 @ $0.99).
  • Whereas, the new Dollar Photo Club (Adobe Stock) membership would cost me a whopping $1,495 (@ $2.99 per photo). Ouch! Almost four times more than what I would pay at 99 Club. Huh!
  • If you are a heavy stock photo user, you can buy additional photos in packs of 100, 25 and 5 respectively. But this is not cheap!
  • If you want a pack of 100 additional photos you have to shell out $3.6 per photo, which will cost you $369 (costlier than Adobe Stock!).

Undoubtedly, 99 Club has exceeded our expectations as a splendid Dollar Photo Club alternative in terms of pricing. But one area where 99 Club still lags behind is the absence of 3D images in their collection.

That’s where’s 99 club loses its sheen and Adobe Stock gets an edge (despite its shortfalls)!

Adobe Stock (earlier Dollar Photo Club) boasts a complete section dedicated to 3D images, dubbed “3D Assets” with thousands of images to choose from.

99 Club – Photos and Membership Features

Ok, coming back to 99 Club, here are the features of the images and the membership that you get at 99 Club,

  • All the photos, fonts and vectors are of high resolution but not the videos. However, now you can add Premium HD Video pack along with your regular 99 Club membership.
  • All of these come with Royalty Free License.
  • At 99 Club you can search your images from more than 25 different categories. So you are sure to find an appropriate image for your purpose.
  • Photos require no attribution and contain no watermarks.
  • Once download, the images are yours – forever!
  • Similar to many other membership sites, your membership can be renewed automatically.
  • It offers discounts on their pricing plans from time to time. So make sure you check that and avail.
  • You can use the images on websites, blogs, commercial projects, business sites, print medium and also social media.
  • The images come in a variety of sizes like small, medium, large, and even XXL.
  • The XXL sized images can be easily printed in A3 size at 300 dpi or in 6” X 6” dimensions at 72 dpi.
  • The vector files can be downloaded in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file format. This file format can contain both texts as well as graphics.

However, if you are looking for free stock images, here are few best options for Royalty Free Images you may explore.

There are few samples you might find interesting…

Best Dollar Photo Club Alternative in 2017 - 99 Club

Best Dollar Photo Club Alternative in 2017 - 99 Club

Best Dollar Photo Club Alternative in 2017 - 99 Club

99 Club Photo Library Size

With more than 80,000 photos added every month, the 99 club has a massive collection of more than 4 million stock photos in their library!

99 Club Stock Photos Library Size
99 Club Stock Photos Library Size

I thought of giving the site’s ‘Search’ feature a shot and did a quick search on the keyword ‘nature’.

And here’s what I got – more than 690,000 results! Wow, that’s insane!

99 Club Stock Photos Search Results for Nature Keyword
99 Club Stock Photos Search Results for Nature Keyword

The beauty of 99 Club ‘Search’ feature is that it gives you a lot of flexibility.

As you can see, you can refine your search results to a great level by adding or removing several options.

99 Club Stock Photos Search Options
99 Club Stock Photos Search Options

Also, you can control how the search results are displayed and how many are displayed per page and so on by tweaking the ‘Search’ settings.

My verdict on 99 Club Stock Photos

Even a quick browse of 99 Club Stock Photos will reveal that it can give Dollar Photo Club a run for their money.

If you ask me to rate the service on a scale of 1 to 5, I would clearly give it a resounding 4.5, It would’ve been “Five Full Stars” had they included a collection of 3D stock photos also.

Nevertheless, the Pluses far outweigh its Minuses in comparison to Dollar Photo Club, making 99 Club the numero uno Dollar Photo Club alternative!

Do you agree with me on that?

Overall Verdict –

Product – Best Dollar Photo Club Alternative : 99 Club Stock Photos
Rating – 4.5
Summary – Dollar Photo Club is now merged with Adobe Stock but worry not, we have an even better Dollar Photo Club alternative – 99 club from Stock Photo Secrets. Download 200 XXL stock images at just $99/year!

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