Essential Tips to Develop Good Blog Content

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You must have come across many articles on web, suggesting that you should write good and unique content for your blog or website. Good Blog Content always useful to drive more traffic and adds credibility to your blog. Here I am sharing some tips which I learn over the time by experience. Following tips can help you to develop good and SEO friendly content.

Essential Tips to Develop Good Blog Content

Develop Good and SEO friendly Content

  1. You should always write a blog post in conversational and interactive tone i.e. use ‘You’ and ‘I’ throughout the post. Your readers always want to connect to a real personality. Moreover, readers pays more attention to content which he found, is written exclusively for him. And you can make him realize that content is exclusively for him, by writing the content in conversational tone.
  2. Keep in mind that simplicity is new awesome. You should use simple words in your articles. So that your visitors do not get off from your article in less time because of it is difficult to read and understand words or sentences.
  3. You should always make sure that information and data in your content is accurate and reliable. Source of information also should be mentioned i.e. web address, link etc. to claim authenticity and reliability of information.
  4. Headline is the heartbeat of your content. You must choose short (minimum 15 and maximum 65 characters), easy and summarized headline. Headline is the first interaction of your content with your reader. So it should be written in such way that reader can have a clear idea about article by reading headline itself.
  5. Eye tracking observations by NN-Group indicates that users scan web content in F-Shaped Pattern instead of reading it line by line. Therefore you should organize your important content in scan-able areas on your webpage.
  6. You must use heading tags properly in your articles. Heading tags are used to present content structure in your webpage. Heading tags are of six sizes from <h1> to <h6> in increasing order of font. First heading text <h1> is considered as most important and last <h6> is least important. As heading tags are bigger than normal text in font size, give better visual to users that this text can better help him to understand about something considerably more important. Use of multiple heading tags allow you to organize your text in hierarchical structure as per importance of text.
  7. As far as possible, do not write too long sentences. Always write short and easy to understand sentences. You should always write in paragraphs. And make sure that one paragraph must contain one clear and complete message.
  8. You must use bullets, quoted content etc. in your content. Because bullets, quoted content etc. are the best thing to stand out your important information and to get attention of your readers.
  9. Google itself recommends that you should use URL as simple as possible. As simple URLs are easier to crawl by search engine bots. Hence results better indexing of your webpages.
  10. You should write your content in form of inverted pyramid. It is nothing but another technique used by journalists and content writers to place their information in order of its importance and priority, in an article.
  11. You should not forget to insert interesting images in your article. This will help you to make your content eye-catchy and to initially engage your readers. Google suggests to provide detailed and informative filenames for images in your content.
  12. You must write in constructive, motivational and positive tone. Because everyone likes positivity and contractive things. It will also help you to build loyal audience.
  13. You should use better anchor text. ‘Anchor text’ is clickable text for a link inserted in your content. For example in 5th point I used ‘F-Shaped Pattern’ as anchor text. Anchor text gives an idea to users as well as Google that linked page is about what.
  14. Do not use acronyms like AFAIK. You should not assume that reader of your article will be familiar with such abbreviations. Therefore you should always use full form of such abbreviations i.e. As Far as I Know.
  15. What could be possible “keyword phrases”,which you or a friend of yours, will use to search for the content in your blog post. You should always use mixture of those keywords (which might be used by a less experienced user and by a matured user) in your blog post. This could certainly produce positive results for your webpages.

Hope you find these Tips useful for developing a Good Blog Content. You can also share you experiences and suggestions about the same in comment section.

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