HostArmada Review [2023] – Is this Hosting Fast and Reliable?

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This in-depth HostArmada review comprises a detailed overview of HostArmada hosting features and an honest assessment of its performance and reliability.

It is no secret that fast, reliable, and secure hosting is one of the top priorities for any blog or website. HostArmada hosting company was founded with this in mind, but does it live up to the hype?

Fastest WordPress Hosting Anywhere!

We’ll find out in this unbiased HostArmada review.

HostArmada is relatively a new web hosting company making waves in the industry due to the plethora of features it offers for creating and managing websites.

Benefits like 99.99% uptime, affordable price plans, and best-in-class security, amongst others, are some of the major reasons HostArmada hosting is getting more recommended lately.

The company also boasts a lot about its speeds and reliability, but do they meet expectations?

We put it to the test!

Let’s wade into this review of HostArmada hosting and discuss its pros and cons.

What is HostArmada?

HostArmada Hosting
HostArmada Hosting

It is a Cloud SSD web hosting company that promises 99.99% uptime, a blazing-speed website, and 24/7customer support.

HostArmada is a baby in the industry. It was launched in 2019 but has become one of the top choices of web hosting due to the features, flexibility, and easy connectivity it offers.

One of the reasons HostArmada can serve its customers efficiently is because it uses the newest industry-standard hardware components to build and support its Cloud-based Services.

HostArmada also manages to eliminate downtime by leveraging redundant Storage Replication and KVM virtualization.

HostArmada Data Centers Locations

Despite being a new web hosting company, HostArmada has spread its services across 4 continents through nine data centers. 

HostArmada Data Certers
HostArmada Data Certers

Here is the list of HostArmada datacenters:

  • Fremont, California, USA
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • Toronto, Ontario, CA
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Mumbai, India
  • Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia

HostArmada Review [2023] – Is it a Fast and Reliable Hosting?

HostArmada Review
HostArmada Review

In this HostArmada review, I will cover this hosting performance, benefits, pros, and cons to help you make a profound decision. But first, let’s start with the key features of HostArmada hosting.

HostArmada Performance – Site Loading Speed Test

The site loading speed is an important factor when deciding whether or not to purchase a hosting package. A highly available, cloud-based website hosted on a fewer, less-crowded web server is the most important thing for blazing fast loading times.

HostArmada has an excellent infrastructure and the latest web technologies that make sure the sites hosted on its server have fast loading time.

Further, I had intensively tested the page speed of the demo site during our review of the HostArmada Speed Reaper plan.

It is the most advanced WordPress shared hosting plan on HostArmada (Speed Reaper), offers 3x as much RAM and 3x the CPU quota as the base HostArmada plan (Start Dock), along with free private DNS, LiteSpeed web server, HTTP/3 (HTTP over QUIC), and dynamic caching solution.

To review the HostArmada hosting intensively, I have created a WordPress site on HostArmada and tested the site using the 6 popular website speed testing tools, i.e. (1) PageSpeed Insights, (2) GTMetrix, (3) Website Speed Test by KeyCDN, (4), (5) Website Speed Test by Dotcom Tools, and (6) Bitcatcha Website Speed Test.

I have done the testing in two phases,

  1. First, I tested the perfomace of a Default WP Installation (Site – A) – No optimization, no add-on plugins, nothing! Just a default WP site out of the box.
  2. Further, tested a Demo Content Site (Site – B) – Only installed the Astra theme, and imported a demo site and content from its library. Without any optimization.

Here are the results of the HostArmada hosting performance test –

HostArmada Hosting Performace TestMetricsDefault WP Installation SiteDemo Content Site
Site – A Site – B
Google PageSpeed Insights – DesktopSpeed Index0.6s0.9s
Google PageSpeed Insights – MobileSpeed Index1.7s3.0s
GTMetrix Fully loaded time 641ms656ms
Website Speed Test by KeyCDN Fully loaded time 200ms317ms Fully loaded time 0.707s1.006s
Website Speed Test by Dotcom ToolsFully loaded time 0.8s0.8s
Bitcatcha Website Speed TestServer Response Time100ms119ms
HostArmada Hosting Performace Test Results

In our tests, the Default WP Installation Site hosted on HostArmada loaded in less than 0.7 sec and the Demo Content Site took about 1 sec to load completely. What’s even more impressive is that the average response time was just 119 ms seconds!

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There is no doubt that these results can be further improved with the use of the best WordPress speed optimization plugins.

Find out if HostArmada is a good choice for you, or not, by looking at the individual test results below and deciding whether you feel it’s a good fit for you.

# Google PageSpeed Insights Results

Both the Mobile and Desktop PageSpeed Insights results scored 100 for the Default WP Installation site.

In the screenshots below the performance of Site – A on all the metrics are up to the mark. However, I was interested in the Speed Index metrics, as it is quite directly related to the performance of the hosting server.

On desktop, the Speed Index was 0.6 sec, and for mobile, it was 1.7s.

These results are quite impressive from shared hosting because a Speed Index up to 3.0 sec is considered to be a good practice. Read more about the speed index here.

Further, while testing the Demo Content Site, the PageSpeed Insights score went down to 99 for desktop and 92 for mobile, which is not bad at all.

Again the HostArmada server performed quite decently with the heavy content-loaded site (Site – B), the Speed Index was still in the best practice range, below 3.0 sec. Check out the test result below for more details.

PageSpeed score warning like Server static assets with an efficient cache policy to increase page speed can be easily achieved by adding a simple code into the Htaccess file.

# GTmetrix Test Results

Both the Default WP Installation and Demo Site scored a 100% performance (‘A’ Grade) on GTmetrix.

Time to First Bite was 323ms and 302ms and the Fully loaded time for both the sites was 641ms and 656ms respectively.

Awesome, right!

The results prove that the HostArmada servers are really fast. Another reason to consider HostArmada hosting over others.

# KeyCDN Website Speed Test Results

Similar to the above results, HostArmada shared hosting performed equally well in this speed test.

In KeyCDN Website Speed Test,

The Site – A loaded in just 200ms, and Site – B loaded in 317ms. Even when the page size of Site – B got increased by 15x and the no. of requests were more than 3 times.

# Test Results

In the three test runs of, the average fully loaded time for the Default WordPress Installation was 707ms, while the Demo site took 1006ms.

# Website Speed Test by Dotcom Tools

This tool also showcases similar results. Both sites took an 800ms average time to load in the first visit while in the repeat visit the Default WordPress Installation site loaded 200ms early.

# Bitcatcha Website Speed Test

The content-heavy Demo Site scores the highest grade of an A+ on this Bitcatch speed test tool. What even was more impressive was that the average server response time was just 119ms.

Bitcatcha Website Performance Report - HostArmada Hosting
Bitcatcha Website Performance Report – HostArmada Hosting

HostArmada Time To First Byte (TTFB) Test Results

Another important performance test I have conducted for this HostArmada review is Time to First Byte.

TTFB or Time to First Byte is the time between when your visitor requests your web page and the first byte of information comes back from your web server. This time includes any DNS lookups and establishing the connection using a TCP and SSL handshake (if your site is secure with HTTPS). 

It is important and has a direct impact on site loading speed. The lower Time to First Byte, the better the site performance. It usually depends on the distance between the server location and the browser and also on the performance of the server.

In our HostArmada assessment, the TTFB of the shared hosting server was excellent in the USA and Europe locations. It was 16.86ms in Newyork and 730.21ms in Singapore due to the long-distance b/w the user and server.

One can also improve these scores with the use of free DNS hosting services like Cloudflare.

HostArmada Stress Test

Earlier we examined the HostArmada site loading speed and found some great results out of the box. The hosting server has performed excellently in each test I conducted.

To review the HostArmada hosting further, and to make sure it will not ditch you in sudden traffic spikes, and can it handle a fairly large amount of traffic? 

So, I have rolled out our final test “a stress test” that simulates the peak load of 50 to 3000 concurrent requests.

The server will be tested in three different kinds of scenarios, to check whether it can, 

  • Handel Clients per second – Client requests are made each second. 
  • Maintain Constant Client load – A constant client count will be maintained throughout the test duration.
  • Handel Clients per minute – Clients will be distributed evenly throughout the test duration.

# Clients per second – 50 users per sec for 1 minute

First, let us try to find the answer to the following question. How does the server perform when 50 users connect every second over 1 minute?

For this test, I sent 50 virtual users to the site, these users will stay connected for one minute.

50 users per sec for 1 minute Load Testing
50 users per sec for 1-minute Load Testing

If you look at the graph (the blue line) it does not fluctuate much throughout the test duration, which means there was no sudden spike in the load.

The initial increase in the response time occurred at the time of test started and then it maintained an average response time of 111ms.

It is perfect, this is what you look for in quality web hosting.

# Constant client count – 0 to 50 users for 1 minute

In this second stress test of HoastArmada hosting, we’ll try to find out whether the hosting can handle the constant increase of clients for one minute.

For that, I sent 1 virtual user every 1.2sec during the test, and here are the results.

Let’s understand, How does the server perform over 1 minute when there is a constant load of 0 to 50 clients connected?

0 to 50 users for 1 minute Load Testing
0 to 50 users for 1-minute Load Testing

The graph shows an average response time of 355ms, which is high when compared to our earlier tests.

You can also notice that the load increases along with the number of VUs increasing on the site. For shared hosting without any optimization, the score is very good.

Pl, note that this performance can be increased with a little bit of site optimization with the WP Rocket plugin and implementation of server-level caching, which HostArmada offers.

# Clients per minute – 3000 users in 1 minute

Our third test will focus on a large number of new users simultaneously connecting to this server, over 1 minute.

In other words, How does the server perform when 3000 users connect over 1 minute?

For this test, I have sent 3000 virtual users to this server. Here are the results.

3000 users in 1 minute Load Testing
3000 users in 1-minute Load Testing

The average response time here is 109ms, which is the lowest when compared to our earlier tests.

The server easily handled the 3000 VUs per minute without breaking a sweat. And I am confident that it can handle even 3x users smoothly.

These “Stress Test” results clearly showed the stability of hosting server. In all the cases, the server response time was b/w 100ms to 350ms, which is at par with the 300ms standard recommended by Lighthouse. I am thrilled with the results of this test. I would wholeheartedly recommend this host to any new customers, who are looking for a cloud hosting package at the budget-friendly price range.

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HostArmada Uptime and Response Time

The server’s uptime is one of the most important things to consider. Your site’s uptime is very important in terms of your rankings in search engine results, as it is one of the important search engine ranking factors. The reason is that your site’s uptime is a direct reflection of the quality of your site as a whole.

If your site is down too often, then Google and other search engines will assume you are doing something wrong and they won’t want to give you a lot of traffic.

Always make sure your web host has a 99.999% server uptime guarantee. And regularly monitor your host’s server uptime to verify its reliability claims.

I have also put our Demo content site (Site – B) on the uptime test for this hosting review and here are the results.

HostArmada Uptime and Response Time
HostArmada Uptime and Response Time

We’ve tested the site for over a week and the result is pretty impressive. there was not a single downtime. The 100% Uptime of HostArmada was unmatched, and the average Server Response Time was less than 246ms.

HostArmada Dashboard

The HostArmada offers a user-friendly dashboard to control your hosting account from a single screen and help you manage your hosting accounts, domains, billing and invoices, account details, and customer support tickets all in one place. 

HostArmada Dashboard
HostArmada Dashboard

The dashboard lets you purchase new HostArmada products i.e. Hosting, SSL and domains. You can also transfer your old domain from the “Services” tab on the left side.

Your invoicing and billing information along with your details are accessible from the left-hand side panel on this dashboard. You can open new support tickets directly from this dashboard or access an old one. A detailed knowledge base can also be accessed from this page as well.

Industry-standard cPanel is the most popular control panel for hosting companies. cPanel comes built-in with all the hosting plans offered by HostArmada for managing your websites, databases, files, and applications.

cPanel HostArmada
cPanel – HostArmada

The cPanel offers a wide array of tools you want to have in your arsenal to manage your website. 

Whether you need to park your additional domains or want to create subdomains. Install an SSL certificate, 1-click WordPress install, or wanted to create a manual database for your PHP application, all of it and so much more can be done easily with the access of cPanel. 

Altogether, the user interface offered by HostArmada is fairly optimized and designed to help its customers in the best way possible. 

A Glance at HostArmada’s Features

Key Features of HostArmada Hosting
Key Features of HostArmada Hosting
  • Free SSL – It provides Free SSL from Sectigo for all sites hosted with them.
  • Free Domain registration & DNS service – You can register a domain name with them for free and use a DNS service from their panel.
  • Daily Backups – Daily backups are available for all accounts, however, the number of daily backups increases with the bigger plans. 
  • Cloud SSD storage – All plans include free native SSD storage units for best performance and speed.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth – It provides unlimited bandwidth for all plans without any hard limitations on the Bandwidth, however, there is an Acceptable Bandwidth Usage that varies with different plans. 
  • FREE Website Transfer – They will transfer your website free of cost. Up to 5 websites on Speed Reaper plan.
  • Unlimited Databases – The hosting offer unlimited MySQL databases, databases size changes with plans.
  • 1-click WordPress install – Install WordPress in just one click directly from the dashboard.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts – This allows you to have unlimited email accounts, featuring webmail, free email forwarding, GSuite (Google Workspace) Integration, and advanced spam protection. 
  • Free drag-and-drop Site Builder – You can build your website using their free drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Web Server Cache – The web server caching solution not only makes the sites load faster but also minimizes the resource usage footprint, allowing you to put more content on a budget-friendly plan.
  • Customer Support access 24x7x365 – You can get assistance from their team 24x7x365. They provide a dedicated ticketing system for support. They have pretty good tech support available via chat, phone, or email. 
  • 45 days money-back guarantee – You can get your money back if you don’t like their services.

Benefits of Using HostArmada

There are hundreds of other web hosting services; why HostArmada? Well, there are tons of benefits that come with hosting your website with them.

Benefits of using HostArmada Hosting
Benefits of using HostArmada Hosting

1. Faster Load Time

As a website manager, you surely want your site to load in less than 3 seconds. Fast loading speed makes site visitors smoothly browse your site (good user experience) and persuades search engines like Google to rank your site high.

Mobile Page Speed - Industry Benchmarks
Mobile Page Speed – Industry Benchmarks

A few years ago, Google identified fast load time (site speed) as a ranking factor. This is why quick-loading websites are mostly ranked above the slow ones.

Google cares about user experience more than anything. This is why hosting your site with a fast hosting service is not debatable.

HostArmada has been proven to increase site speed because of its mode of operation and the technology it uses.

Key Features - Fast Website Loading Speed
Key Features – Fast Website Loading Speed

Here are some of the tools HostArmada uses to improve site speed:

  • Web Server Caching solution for faster performance
  • LiteSpeed Cache for speeding up WordPress websites
  • Memcached Cache
  • Usage of Brotli compression (shrinks page size and load time)
  • Uses Cloud SSD Drives (quicker writing and reading times that is 300% faster than the conventional HDD)
  • Supports free Cloudflare CDN, which drastically increases site speed

Overall, unlike some hosting companies that use Apache web servers, HostArmada uses LiteSpeed and NGINX Web Server, which is faster than the former.

2. Website Migration Service is Free

One of the reasons people stick with mediocre hosting services is due to inadequate skill and the high cost of migrating to a different web hosting.

However, if you are willing to move your website from your current host to HostArmada, you can achieve that without paying a dime. They are one of the few hosting services that offer free website migration.

You don’t need to have any skills or partake in the process. Once you pay for your preferred plan, you can contact HostArmada’s customer support team and request a free site migration.

In other words, they will migrate your files and folders to their databases and emails to their servers for free.

3. Low Number of Clients Per Server

Let’s face it; shared hosting is the most affordable and preferred choice for anyone looking to host a website on a small budget.

But there is one major problem: thousands of people on the same server share the hosting resources. This results in slow loading time, frequent downtimes, and many more issues that could affect site speed.

Since HostArmada is still new in the industry, only a minimum number of people are using their services.

Therefore, this means users can enjoy quality resources like Speed, performance, CPU, and low server load, including the 99.99% uptime they claim they offer.

The best part is that their shared hosting plans offer SSD drives, which are 300% quicker than HDD drives.

4. Robust Security

According to research, over 30,000 websites get hacked every single day.

You can’t compromise your site’s security for anything. 

If your site gets attacked by hackers, your files and folders will be infected by viruses.

In the worst scenario, your site will be redirected to a malicious website, where visitors’ private information can be stolen.

The fact is that the best way to provide bulletproof security for your site is by hosting it on a powerful host.

HostArmada has several means of securing sites hosted on their servers. You don’t have to worry about malicious attacks when you host your site with them.

Key Security Features
Key Security Features

Some of HostArmada security features worth mentioning include:

  • Stopping DDoS attacks
  • Uses “Connection Limit” to reduce the number of requests per second from an IP address. This also prevents DDoS attacks.
  • Web Application Firewall Solution (WAF) for tackling critical threats like XSS attacks and SQL injections.

In addition to that, they also use other means of securing websites, including intrusion detection, live security monitoring, malware scanning, proactive zero-day attack detention, etc.

5. Loads of Freebies

Another benefit of hosting your site on HostArmada is that you gain access to tons of free services you would otherwise pay for. These freebies are as follows.

# Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are used to secure your website’s information by moving from HTTP to HTTPS.

This enables a secure end-to-end connection between the server and the browser, preventing external access to breach the connection.

And if you don’t know, search engines like Google prefer sites with secure HTTPS connections.

Fortunately, HostArmada offers free SSL certificates for unlimited domains, including free installations.

# Free Domain Registration and Transfer

Domain names normally cost up to $12 annually, and most web hosting providers will charge you for domain ownership.

However, HostArmada offers a free domain as long as you are an active customer. Most importantly you don’t have to pay for the renewal; it’s free forever as long as you use their hosting service.

In addition to that, you can also transfer your domain from a different provider to them for free.

# Free Daily Backups

The best way to plan for site crashing or attacks is by doing frequent backups, but the truth is it’s a challenging task. If you have enough time on your hands, you can do it manually. This could be very stressful.

However, HostArmada provides free daily backups when most hosts require users to pay for their backup package.

All their SSD hosting plans come with an automated cPanel backup option activated by default. This allows you to restore your files when you need to seamlessly.

# Free private DNS

Every HostArmada plan has a free private DNS, except for the basic shared plan. A private DNS is created along with your domains to replace the default nameservers provided by your host. In other words, you can use and as your nameservers.

6. Cancellation Policy – 45 Days

One of the best things about HostArmada hosting is its refund policy.

While most of the hosting providers offer a standard 30 days refund policy. With HostArmada, you have 45 days from the date you receive the hosting package to request a refund, no questions asked.

It is like forty-five days long free web hosting trials. This will allow you to fully test the functionality of HostArmada hosting before you look for a long-term commitment with them.

In other words, if you are not satisfied with the service provided, just let them know within 45 days and they’ll issue you a full refund without any questions or obligations.

HostArmada Pricing Plans

Majorly HostArmada offers three different types of hosting plans.

  • Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting / Cloud WordPress Hosting
  • Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

Managed Cloud Shared/WordPress Hosting

Managed Cloud Shared Hosting HostArmada
Managed Cloud Shared Hosting HostArmada

HostArmada has a fully managed cloud SSD shared hosting that consists of three pocket-friendly plans: Speed Reaper, Web Warp, and Start Dock.

Websites built with the Speed Reaper package are hosted on the LiteSpeed server, while Web Warp and Start Dock plan uses the NGINX web server.

Also, there is a 45-day money-back guarantee that serves as the trial plan. It gives you the chance to test-running their services in a risk-free manner before deciding to stick with them. 

Their refund policy is incredible; they will return your money as soon as you cancel your membership within the trial period.

Here are the key features in HostArmada’s Cloud SSD Shared Hosting plans:

  • MySQL unlimited Database
  • One-click Softaculous App Installer
  • Cost-free website migration
  • Unlimited and unmetered Bandwidth
  • cPanel as the Control Panel
  • Free daily Website Backups
  • Unlimited and Free Email Accounts
  • Several PHP Versions including 8.1, 8.0, 7.4, 7.3, and more
  • Free SSL for domains
  • Free Domain Names that you can register or transfer

Now let’s see the overview of HostArmada’s Cloud SSD Shared Hosting plans.

HostArmada Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing
HostArmada Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing

# Star Dock

At $2.49 per month, the Star Dock plan is best for anyone looking to host a single site and enjoy key features. The plan is the cheapest and offers the optimum solution for small sites like blogs, projects, etc. 

If you are curious to see what you can enjoy with the Star Dock package, here they are:

  • Free domain name
  • Single Website
  • Two cores CPU
  • A RAM of 2GB
  • Cloud-based SSD Storage up to 15 GB
  • 7 Daily Backups
  • Unlimited and Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited and cost-free email accounts

# Web Warp

At $4.99 per month, Web Wrap is the best option for anyone looking to host an unlimited number of websites and enjoy valuable resources to manage them. The best part is you get to control everything within a single platform.

The Web Wrap package grants you access to:

  • Free Website Transfers up to 3
  • Cost-free Domain Name
  • 4 Cores CPU
  • 4 GB Ram
  • Cloud SSD Storage of 30 GB
  • 14 Daily Backups
  • 1-Click Restore Manager
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited addon domains
  • Cost-free Loading Speed Optimization
  • Unmetered and Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Private DNS

# Speed Reaper

Even though all HostArmada plans enhance websites to load super-fast, the Speed Reaper plan is specifically built for speed. If load-time is your top priority, this plan is for you.

Speed Reaper costs $5.39 per month, and its features are tailored to improve websites’ performance, with speed being on top of the list. Out of all HostArmada shared hosting packages, Speed Reaper has the largest resource capacity and is the most expensive.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy with the Speed Reaper plan:

  • Unlimited Website
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 6 Cores CPU
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 40 GB Cloud SSD Storage
  • 5 Free Website Transfers
  • Unlimited and Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Three times Fewer clients per server
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • HTTP/3 (HTTP over QUICK by Google)
  • Cost-Free Loading Speed Optimization
  • Three times More CPU & RAM
  • APC & OPcode Cache
  • Memcached
  • LS Cache for WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Laravel
  • 21 Daily Backups

Fully Managed Cloud SSD VPS Plan

Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting HostArmada
Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting HostArmada

Apart from the three shared hosting plans mentioned above, HostArmada also offers fully managed Cloud VPS solutions. This is the ideal choice for web admins who want 100% control and a higher resource capacity. 

This includes 99.9% uptime and quick reading and writing time.

HostArmada offers four different VPS packages that promise tons of features that could be tailored to meet individual requirements. These features include Free Daily Backups, Free Website Migration, Free Email Accounts, etc.

NGINX powers the standard VPS, but if you prefer a customized server, you can achieve that for free.

Also, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee for VPS plans. This enables you to test the package to see if it meets your standard. And because of the no-question-asked policy HostArmada uses, you will get your refund as quickly as possible.

Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing - HostArmada
Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing – HostArmada

Plans and Pricing of Fully Managed Cloud SSD VPS are as follows:

  • Web Shuttle – 1 Core CPU, 2 GB RAM, and 50 GB SSD Storage – starts from $41.21 per month
  • The Web Voyager – 2 CPU, 4 GB RAM, and 80 GB of SSD Storage – $48.71 per month
  • Web Raider – 4 Core CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 160 GB of SSD Storage – $63.71 per month
  • Site Carrier – 6 CPU Cores, 16 GB RAM, and 320 GB of SSD Storage – $101.21 per month

Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers HostArmada
Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers HostArmada

The lowest plan on HostArmada dedicated CPU host provides 160 GB SSD Storage, 8 GB Ram, and 4 CPU Cores to enhance your website’s performance. This is very useful when running large projects or needing multiple large sites.

Even though NGINX powers HostArmada’s dedicated cloud for CPU, you can initiate custom server configurations with the help of the customer support team. To reduce your workload, they will handle the server update, server administration, and server monitoring.

Here are the dedicated CPU hosting plans and pricing:

HostArmada - Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers Plans and Pricing
HostArmada – Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers Plans and Pricing
  • List Off – $111.75 per month
  • Low orbit – $156.75 per month
  • High orbit – $246.75 per month

Of course, the higher the plan, the more resources you can unveil.

How Good is HostArmada Customer Support?

HostArmada’s customer support service is top-notch. You can reach them via:

  • Phone
  • Ticketing system and
  • Live chat

The customer support team are trained professionals, friendly, helpful, and ready to help you resolve your issues for 24 hours every day.

You can enjoy free phone support if you have an active hosting account. They claim to respond instantly on Chats and within 10 mins on Tickets.

Customer Support Options - HostArmada
Customer Support Options – HostArmada

While reviewing HostArmada, I deliberately had a little chat with customer support to measure the response time and how quickly they can resolve an issue.

My experience with customer support was fantastic. They did live up to their claim!

Their technical support was instant with the chat, a team member (Bogdan T.) responded on the 11th sec to answer my query.

What was more impressive was, he did not just answer my query, but also offered additional help to resolve my issue. Full detail of the chat is available below for you to readout.

Copy of Chat Transcript with HostArmada Customer Support
Copy of Chat Transcript with HostArmada Customer Support

Undoubtedly, their support team is faster and well-knowledged to help you resolve critical issues like website transfers, domain registration & transfers, SSL installation, cPanel assistance, and more. Another good reason to recommend HostArmada to beginners.

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Pros & Cons of HostArmada

Here are the pros and cons of HostArmada hosting.


  • Their shared hosting most affordable is $2.49 per month and is cheaper than most hosts.
  • They offer free daily backups, which are automated.
  • They ensure not too many clients are connected to the same server to improve websites’ speed and connectivity.
  • You get a free domain and renewal for as long as you remain an active customer (most hosts offer a free domain for only 1 year).
  • Free website migrations.
  • No-question 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Fast and always available customer support.
  • Up to 9 data centers to provide a better experience and fast speed for web visitors.
  • Every plan comes with Cloud SSD storage.
  • Uses tons of security firewalls to block vulnerable attacks from hackers.
  • All shared hosting packages include a free drag-and-drop builder.


  • The plans are cheap for first-time sign-ups and will increase upon renewal. To get the best out of this promotional price, it’s advisable to pick the 36 months duration to save cost.
  • Only the Speed Reaper plan includes LiteSpeed, HTTP/3, and dynamic caching. One has to go with this top-tier shared hosting plan to take advantage of these latest technologies.
  • Limit on the Inode usages, the upper limit is 495000 indoes for the Speed Reaper plan.

HostArmada Reviews – What Do Users Have to Say?

To see what people are saying about the hosting, I head over to Trustpilot to check out the feedback.

The users rated HostArmada hosting service a 4.9 out of 5 on TrustPilot, which is outstanding. Most of the reviews were written by satisfied customers who rave about their hosting service.

Trustpilot Rating of HostArmada
Trustpilot Rating of HostArmada

The hosting draws quite several good reviews and I’m not surprised that out of 308 reviews, 98% rated it excellent and the rest 2% rated it as a great hosting provider. 

HostArmada offers one of the best all-around service experiences on the web. These comments from two different users are typical of the outstanding customer service experience you get from them.

The ability to respond so quickly to issues is the key feature that makes HostArmada worth its price tag.

Outstanding Experience with Technical Support - A HostArmada review on Trustpilot
Outstanding Experience with Technical Support – A HostArmada review on Trustpilot
Fast and Reliable Customer Support - A Review of HostArmada on Trustpilot
Fast and Reliable Customer Support – A Review of HostArmada on Trustpilot

Another user notes how they found the response time and page loading speed blazing fast, considering it as the key feature that made HostArmada well worth their purchase. 

Amazing Speed - A user reviewed HostArmada on Trustpilot
Amazing Speed – A user reviewed HostArmada on Trustpilot

HostArmada also receives a 5-Star rating on their Facebook and GoogleMyBusiness page clearly showing that it is amongst the top-performing cloud web hosting provider in the industry.

Our Verdict – Should you Go with HostArmada?

For this HostArmada review, we have tested the hosting exhaustively. We found that it is reliable, easy to use, and offers an impressive feature set at an exceptional value along with very fast and professional customer support. With more than 99.9% server uptime and a site loading speed of fewer than 2 seconds, they are one of the best hosting providers out there. Therefore, we highly recommend HostArmada to our readers.

HostArmada Coupon Codes and Discount Deals

The HostArmada hosting usually offers discounts on various sales around the year such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales, Christmas and New Year Special Sales, Independence Day Sales, etc.

Popular HostArmada Coupon Codes:

HostArmada Discount DealsHostArmada Coupon Codes
Get a 70% Discount on HostArmada FESTIVEDEC70
Flat 75% OFF on Shared Hosting plansHACHRISTMAS75
Try 25% OFF on all VPS Hosting plansHAUNTED25
LifeTime FREE Domain – 100% DiscountClaim Free Domain Today!
HostArmada Discount Deals and Coupon Codes

How to Start with HostArmada Hosting

If you are already convinced about HostArmada hosting services or just want to test it for a few days before making your final decision, you are on the right track. For this detailed review of HostArmada, I have created a step-by-step process to onboard with the HostArmada hosting.

Step – 1

First, click on this link to head over to HostArmada’s official website to see all the plans available.

HostArmada Hosting
HostArmada Hosting

You should see that the cheapest shared plan costs $2.49 per month. and You can also leverage the limited-time coupon “HACHRISTMAS75” to enjoy a 75% discount on their shared hosting plans.

Next, click on “plans and pricing” to see all the shared hosting packages available.

Step – 2

If you operate only one site or on a meager budget, the Star Dock plan is a good start. However, Web Warp and Speed Reaper allow hosting unlimited sites, and grants access to extra features.

Even if you have a single site, I would recommend you to go with the Speed Reaper plan costs $4.49 per month, as it is the best value-for-money plan available with tons of performance optimization features.

Select the Speed Reaper Plan - HostArmada
Select the Speed Reaper Plan – HostArmada

Once you select your preferred plan, you will be redirected to the domain registration/transfer page. 

Step – 3

You can pick and activate your free domain or transfer a domain you already own to HostArmada. The free domain is accessible for as long as you have an active hosting account with HostArmada.

Start with New Domain Registration or Transfer your Old Domain
Start with New Domain Registration or Transfer your Old Domain

You will get the confirmation for your domain availability as per the image below.

Register Your Domain for Free with HostArmada
Register Your Domain for Free with HostArmada

Step – 4

Next, choose your preferred billing cycle. It’s advisable to pick the 36-month billing to pay $4.49 per month for 3 years. However, if you pick a 1-year billing, you have to pay a high renewal rate as the initial price is promotional.

Select the Hosting Plan and Server Location - HostArmada
Select the Hosting Plan and Server Location – HostArmada

Also, you should pick the data center closest to you out of the nine options to provide a faster loading time and a good user experience.

Step – 5

In this step, you will be asked to configure your domain. If you have registered a new domain, you can select the domain privacy add-on on this step for a nominal yearly fee.

Finalize the Domain Details
Finalize the Domain Details

Step -6

Enter HostArmada Coupon on this page and check your order on the Order Summary page as per the screenshot below. Double-check if you have selected all the things right.

Enter your Coupon and Double check your order
Enter your Coupon and Double check your order

Step – 7

Finally, proceed with the payment. You will receive a “payment successful” email if everything goes well.

Enter the Billing and Account Details
Enter the Billing and Account Details

HostArmada shared hosting is one of the cheapest in the industry. For example, a 1-year Star Dock plan plus a free domain costs less than $43 and a 3-year Speed Reaper plan costs just $165.50 with a free lifetime domain.

Isn’t that a steal?

Once you confirm your payment success, you can contact their customer support to access your freebies.

How to Transfer a Domain to HostArmada?

Transferring a domain from any provider to HostArmada is quite an easy task. However, there are certain things to keep in mind:

  • The domain you want to transfer must be transferable, i.e., Active.
  • You should have access to the email address attached to the domain.
  • You need to get the EPP transfer code from the domain registrar.
  • The domain must have been active for at least 60 days.
  • The domain name expiring date will be set to 15 days immediately after you initiate the transfer.
  • Only the domain that the personal information is visible on WHOIS could be searched.

How to Start a Blog with HostArmada

Now, as you have successfully boarded with the hosting, it’s time to learn how to start a blog with HostArmada.

My Services tab on Dashboard
My Services tab on Dashboard
  • Go to the cPanel.
cPanel Interface of HostArmada Hosting
cPanel Interface of HostArmada Hosting
  • Look for WordPress manager by Softaculous and click it.
Search for WordPress
Search for WordPress
  • Select the domain on which you want to install WP
Choose your domain to install WordPress
Choose your domain to install WordPress
  • Enter other details on that page i.e. email, username, password, backup frequency, etc.
  • And click on quick install.
  • Vola, your WordPress have installed successfully.
WordPress Installation Complete
WordPress Installation Complete
  • Now, Click on the WordPress Management link as per the screenshot above to go to your WP installation management page. Change the details as per your requirements.
Your WordPress Site details
Your WordPress Site details

For more details to set up your WordPress and start blogging, check out our detailed guide on how to start a blog.

Start a blog with HostArmada today and get a hefty 75% discount.

What are the Best HostArmada Alternatives?

HostArmada is a web hosting company that has become a leader in the market in the last few years. Many webmasters and bloggers have been using their services.

However, there are some good alternatives to HostArmada. Bluehost, A2Hosting, HostGator, and DreamHost are all good hosting companies that offer different features and benefits.

1. Bluehost vs HostArmada

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting providers powering millions of websites around the globe.

It offers tons of amazing features like reliable Uptime, Unlimited websites, Bandwidth, and more quite similar to HostGator.

However, there are some key differences in both hosting offers. Such as:

  • Bluehost offers a Free domain only for 1st year, and HostArmada offers a free domain till the hosting plan instead.
  • HostArmada offers limited SSD storge while with Bluehost you can have unlimited SSD storage.
  • The top tire shared hosting plan of Bluehost is 2x costlier in comparison to HostArmada.

The renewal price of both hosting companies is quite high. The basic Bluehost plan costs just $2.95 per month, and it is recommended by Bluehost is a decent alternative to HostArmada if you are looking for a low-cost WordPress host.

2. A2Hosting vs HostArmada

A2Hosting is a fast and secure web hosting provider that promises many features like 99.99 uptime, website compression, frequent backups, and more.

The A2Hosting shares some key features with HostArmada, like the use of LiteSpeed servers, they both reveal the amount of RAM and no. of CPUs for their shared hosting plans. The most affordable plan offered by both hosting starts at $2.49 per month.

Given the similarities, A2 also has some advantages over HostArmada, like

  • Unlimited NVMe SSD storage drives on higher plans
  • Integration with Cloudflare Free CDN
  • A2 optimized WordPress and more

A2Hosting also offers very good customer support similar to HoastArmada. I defiantly consider it a promising alternative to HostArmada.

3. HostGator vs HostArmada

HostGator is one of the oldest hosting platforms offering reliable WordPress plans with server power and optimization. The features accessible with HostGator are numerous and the hosting prices and quite similar to the HostArmada.

In comparison to HostArmda, HostGator hosting offers a couple of additional features and functionality, such as

  • Free Dedicated IP with Top-tire plan
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • FREE Positive SSL upgrade on top share hosting plan
  • HostGator offers a 1-cent trial plan for 30 days

The refund policy of HostGator is 45 days similar to the HostArmada. Their speed and reliability make them a good alternative to HostArmada.

Wrapping Up the Review of HostArmada: Is HostArmada Worth It?

We’ve reached the end of our review, and it is clear to me that HoastArmada is a great web hosting provider.

Based on the huge amount of positive reviews and overall experience, it’s obvious why this host is making waves and gradually becoming the top web hosting choice for most web admins. I would highly recommend it.

Their pricing plans are impressive and affordable, plus packed with tons of valuable features, like optimal speed, 99.99% uptime, SSD storage, free domain, free website migration, daily backups, and more.

The only downside I could point out is the increase in the renewal price for shared hosting plans. However, that’s the industry standard. Web hosting providers always offer promotional prices for first-time sign-ups and pump the subsequent price.

If that’s your concern, it’s best to go for the 36 months pricing duration to enjoy the promotional plan for up to 3 years.

That’s it! Is there anything missing in this HostArmada review? Have you given them a try yet? What did you think about their services? Do share your views in the comments below.

HostArmada Hosting FAQ

Does HostArmada give a Free Domain?

Yes, it offers a free domain to active customers. For as long as your hosting account is active, you can continue to enjoy your free domain name for life — zero renewal cost.

Is Website transfer free on HostArmada?

Yes, it’s free. Upon successfully paying for a hosting plan, you can reach out to their customer support to help you with your website migration. They are willing to do that for completely FREE.

How reliable is HostArmada WordPress Hosting?

Even though HostArmada is new in the industry, they have gained ground, becoming one of the most reliable web hosting providers. They currently have nine data centers, which help their operations strengthen from any part of the world. They utilize the newest technology to provide the best services to their customers.

What are the plans available on HostArmada?

Its shared hosting plans are as follows Star Dock ($2.49 per month), Web Wrap ($3.74 per month), and Speed Reaper ($4.49 per month). There are also some high-resource capacity plans tailored for huge sites. Check them out here.

How Fast is HostArmada Hosting?

In our tests, we found out that the HostArmada hosting is lightning fast, it can load a content-heavy site in less than 1 sec. In addition to that, the average response time of the hosting server is just about 100 ms seconds! Try HostArmda today with up to a 75% discount.

What is the Average Time to First Byte (TTFB) for HostArmada?

The TTFB of the shared hosting server is excellent. While testing a server in Newark, we recorded the lowest TTFB of 16.86ms in Newyork and the highest of 730.21ms in Singapore due to the long distance between the user and server.

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