6 Easy Ways to Improve Bounce Rate of Your Website

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Are you looking for ways to Improve Bounce Rate of your website? Is bounce rate matrics in Google Analytics become your nightmare? Don’t worry, there are more than a couple of methods you can apply on your website to Improve Bounce Rate. In this article, I am going to share Six Most Recommended techniques to Improve Website Bounce Rate. But, before digging into the details, first we need to understand what website bounce rate is? And why it is important to improve bounce rate of your website.

Easy Ways to Improve Bounce Rate of Your Website
Easy Ways to Improve Bounce Rate of Your Website

What is Website Bounce Rate? & Why You Should Improve that?

Among 200+ ranking factors of Google, website bounce rate is perhaps one such element which gives the sleepless night to all those people who are involved in the web-based business. As the matter of fact, website bounce rate is the duration of time users spend on websites after landing. If users spend more time on a particular website, its bounce rate remains relatively low. On the other side, if a visitor comes across a website through the Google search or via other means and leaves it immediately, then it contributes to the high bounce rate of that site.

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If your website has high bounce rate, Google thinks that your webpage (including content etc.) is irrelevant for users’ queries. So, it starts to ignore your website or its pages while showing the results in its SERPs. If this problem continues for a significant period of time, your website will definitely start losing organic traffic that will ultimately affect the generation of leads/sales/revenues negatively.

Moreover, high bounce rate is also an indicator for you to conduct audit of your website for several aspects like content (quality & strategy), design & layout, pagepseed etc.

See this the able belwo to understand Good and Bad bounce rate of websites:

Website Bounce Rate Good or Bad?
Below 30% Extra Ordinary
30%-44% Excellent
45%-59% Nice
60%-79% Average
80%-100% Too High; need immediate improvements

So, are you ready to grasp actionable tips to improve bounce rate of your website and make your even more valuable for visitors? If yes, observe the following points:

Six Actionable Tips to Improve Bounce Rate of Your Website

#1 Simple Website Rules the Internet

Different search engines always care for visitors and try to show the most informational, up-to-date, professional, visually appealing, and clutter-free websites or web pages in search results against the entered keywords.

Despite the growing use of the internet across the world, still, there are several millions of non-tech individuals. They too browse websites on a daily basis and try to find the info they need. In this process, they tend to use a website which is easy-to-use. If your website has complicated design structure, navigation and layout, ordinary individuals will not feel comfortable with it and go away sooner.

So, just adopt a simple Mantra for website creation: SIMPLICITY RULES THE WEB. To make your website simple and appealing, you can take the following action:

  • Write Simple Code to create your website or its pages. It makes your website faster, helping it to display the requested results quickly.
  • Keep the website design and structure as simple as you can. Make sure your website has no issues related to navigation, UX/UI, cross-browser compatibility, etc. And also check your website for responsiveness to mobile devices.
  • Display commercial ads in limited numbers. Too many ads occupy the most parts of your website and visitors face problems to find the desired information,
  • Keep the color pattern same throughout your website. Use standard fonts or web safe fonts on your website so that visitors can easily read/browse the available content.
  • Avoid too many PopUps, web push notifications and auto-play videos/audios as far as possible and
  • Use only necessary plugins and add-ons. This will make your website light and help visitors to browse it smoothly.

#2 Your Website Must Load Faster

Your Website Must Load Faster
Your Website Must Load Faster

Next tip on the list to improve bounce rate is, to make your website lightning fast. Google, the world’s leading search engine, loves faster websites and display prominently in its SERPs. Even visitors like to browse only those sites that load quickly on all devices. If a website loads slowly, visitors switch to its alternative. In this case, the owner of that website starts to suffer the loss in terms of traffic, SEO ranking, revenues, etc.

You should take all possible steps to make your website faster. For instance, you can setup Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to offer snappy fast webpages to your mobile-audience. As you might know, AMP is a projected initiated and promoted by Google itself therefore Google highly recommends implementation of AMP on the websites. It will help visitors to find the much-needed information easily and they’re likely to spend more time on your website. Here are few good reads you might find helpful to increase your website page speed.

#3 Easy-to-Understand Content

You must have heard somewhere, that Content is the King. That’s true, once for all.

The next tip to improve bounce rate of your website is all about creating the great content. All visitors who land on your website are not men of letters. Teenage boys/girls, students, older persons, etc, also visit your website and read its content. If your content is not easily understandable, they will leave your website sooner than later. It will contribute to your site’s higher bounce rate.

Based on your user’s preference, write content in the simplest language. Use common words, sentences, and terms that are easily understood by most of the people. If your content is interesting, visitors love to spend more time on your website and read your content.

In order to encourage visitors to read and share your content, suggest them related content if possible. For example- You can use WordPress plugins to automatically display the related posts to visitors on your WordPress website. You may also attach translation button to your website so that people can read the content in their preferred languages. Learn how to create great blog content which actually converts and further, how to optimize content for SEO.

#4 Add a Search Bar to the Home Page

Add a Search Bar to the Home Page
Add a Search Bar to the Home Page

A good website may have several pages. There are many visitors who don’t want to visit different pages of your website to find the desired information or content. So, you must add a search bar in your website’s layout or attach a search bar at-least to the home page of your website. This will allow visitors to type specific keywords/terms and easily find the related content within a few seconds. It surely improves the consumption of free and premium content up to a great extent.

#5 Add Compelling CTA Buttons to Your Website

Add Compelling CTA Buttons to Your Website
Add Compelling CTA Buttons to Your Website

Call-To-Action buttons play a bigger role in the success of websites. These buttons guide individuals what they have to do next after reading the available content. If you use inappropriate CTA buttons on your website, visitors get confused and leave the site immediately without giving you any business opportunities.

So, analyze your business needs carefully and place appropriate CTA buttons at all important places of your website. This will increase the outcome of your conversion rate optimization and engage visitors to hang around your website 24 x 7. Learn about the effective implementation of CTA buttons here.

#6 Optimize Your Website for Mobile Search Results

As internet browsing through different mobile devices is skyrocketing at an unprecedented rate, it has become mandatory for all website owners to optimize their sites for mobile search results. You should redesign your website with a mobile-first approach and instruct SEO professionals to optimize it in such a way that visitors can easily browse it on different mobile devices. Secondly, because of the regular updates of themes and plugins you use on your website. There are high changes, that your website layout can get malfunctioned. Therefore, I would recommend you to conduct a responsive mobile website test on monthly basis at least.

Concluding Remarks

The High bounce of your website = less business opportunities. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to improve bounce rate of your website and keep your site’s bounce rate under control. These tips will definitely help you to give an impression to Google that your website deserves more visitors’ attention.

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