Best Text to Speech Android Apps to get Read PDF Aloud

What if your phone can read pdf aloud for you? If you read PDFs and eBooks on your android phone or tablet you might wish to get it read by your android device for you. Yes, there are Text to Speech Android apps which can do it for you. Check out, which app works best.

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What if your phone can read pdf aloud for you? If you read PDFs and eBooks on your android phone or tablet you might wish to get it read by your android device for you. Yes, there are Text to Speech Android apps which can do that for you.

Why this feature very useful – because it’s always easy to consume content in audio-visual (A-V) format. And audio (of the text you are reading) is also helpful for you to concentrate while reading your eBook. You should use earphone while reading an eBook using pdf to voice converter app, it’ll surely help you to concentrate.

In paragraphs below I will tell you which app I like most and why. So here I am sharing how you can get read PDF Aloud on Android Phone or Tablet using some killer pdf to voice converter apps.

There are apps available on Google Play Store with Text to Speech (TTS) engine support. Out of these apps very few work properly and rest are really bad as for now. I hope future versions of these apps will offer better functionality and reliable experience.

Get Read PDF Aloud with Text to Speech Android Apps

After testing many apps I found two apps which stand out among all. One of these two apps is a paid app and other is free.

  1. ezPDF – paid app
  2. @Voice Aloud Reader-Read Aloud – free app

Before you install any of these two apps, make sure that you have installed a Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine. Don’t confuse between Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines and Text to Speech Android apps. TTS engine enables apps (Text to Speech Android apps) to read the text on your screen aloud. Many companies offer TTS engines including Google. I prefer Google Text-to-speech engine to install on my android. Other popular TTS engines are Acapela, IVONA etc.

#1 ezPDF

It offers a lot of advanced features, which are really useful and user friendly. The interface of the app is not only feature rich but it also looks awesome. This app is a combination of good features, stability and clean-smooth interface. These things make this Text to Speech Android app a complete package.

ezpdf recent ebookezpdf default view mode

real book style page flip ezpdf

click mouth icon to start text to speech reading

ezpdf ask to use TTS engine click ok

highlighted text is being read by ezpdf

real book style page flip









next page like real book

settings ezpdf









Key Features:

  • Supports real book style page flip
  • Supports Text-to-Speech (TTS) – Narrates pdf files for you
  • Can play, pause, stop, forward and reverse narration
  • Multiple language support as it’s uses Text-to-Speech engine services
  • Clean and easy user interface (design)
  • Stability of current version is satisfactory as there is very rare “force close”
  • Can bookmark pages in pdf – so that you can easily resume reading
  • Annotation support (highlight, underline, strike-out etc. – so you can mark the important text)
  • Of course there are no ads as it’s a paid app
  • Many settings for page views, voice settings, day mode, night reading mode etc.
  • 15 days free trial is enough to make your mind to buy this awesome app
[Google Play Store Link]

#2 @Voice Aloud Reader-Read Aloud

Yes, this app is free. It can read pdf aloud for you. Other than pdf you can also add data from mobile browser to get it narrated for you.

read pdf aloud using voice aloud readerread mobile browser text aloud voice aloud readersettings voice aloud reader

Key Features:

  • Supports Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Can also narrate text copied from browser or somewhere else
  • Narration play/pause, stop, forward and reverse
  • Easy access to Text-to-Speech Settings (Voice rate, pitch and volume etc.)
  • Multiple language support with Text-to-Speech engine
  • Decent user interface
[Google Play Store Link]

Other Text to Speech Android apps which can narrate pdf for you. But compared to above two apps these are not very much pleasant in terms of functionality and stability.

– Pdf Max Free – PDF Reader!
– NaturalReader Text to Speech
– Voxdox – Text To Speech Pro
– Pdf to Speech Pro
– PdfSpeaker

I like ezPDF the most because of its functionality, stability and interface. Though it’s a paid app but paying a little for such a useful app, is certainly worthy. And you can try it for 15 days for absolutely free.

You are important, raise your word: I hope you’ll enjoy reading PDF eBooks using these Text to Speech Android apps. Let me know your views about these apps and how much you’ll rate these app out of 5. Also share if you use some other app for this purpose.


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    A new simple and useful Android PDF text to speech reader app on google play witch I found. Contains ads but is a performant:
    BTS – Text to Speech book reader.

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    The apps you shared are awesome.
    Thank you for sharing this useful information!


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