How to Add Lazy Load Comments in WordPress [Plugin]

It is always good to have a faster loading website. There are lots of reasons which weigh your website down from flying up. And comments in WordPress website could be a potential culprit. In this tutorial, I will share how to Add Lazy Load Comments in WordPress [Plugin] and boost your website performance.

How to Lazy Load Comments in WordPress
How to Lazy Load Comments in WordPress

How Lazy Load Comments in WordPress Works?

You might have come across with the word ‘Lazy Loading’ in tips & tricks articles for site optimization. Lazy Loading allows you to hold the specific content till the page loads completely and load that specific content when user scrolls down or use a click button to load that content.

Why you should add Lazy Load Comments in WordPress?

Comments system help you to get visitors feedback, it makes your page more engaging, it gives better user experience, help in more conversions etc. Lots of comments leads to large webpage size, and large webpage size took more time to load, as simple as that.

Webpage loading speed plays an important role in SEO as well as user engagement. Google always encourage developers to make their website faster in order to rank high in search results. Slow webpages do affect your SEO performance and user experience.

Add Lazy Load Comments in WordPress improves your webpage loading speed considerably. That could also be a great help to users with the slow internet connection.

How to add Lazy Load Comments in WordPress [Plugin] ?

Lazy Load Comments in WordPress [Plugin]
Lazy Load Comments in WordPress [Plugin]
In order to accomplish Lazy Loading WordPress Comments, you need to install a plugin called Lazy Load for Comments. The plugin is light weight and powerful plugin does what it says. It is developed by Joel James and Duck Dev and available in WordPress Plugin directory for free. You can also read our guide on How to Install WordPress Plugin.

Steps to Add Lazy Loading Comments in WordPress [Plugin]:

  1. Install and activate the Lazy Load for Comments Plugin from WordPress Directory,
  2. Go to the Settings > Discussion page to configure the setting,
  3. Find Lazy Load Comments option (as shown in the figure below),
  4. Select an option from On Scroll or On Click as per your desire,
  5. Hit on the Save Change button in the bottom of the page, and you are done.
Add Lazy Load Comments in WordPress Plugin Setting
Add Lazy Load Comments in WordPress Plugin Setting
On Scroll option will load comments when a user will scroll till the comment section.
And On Click option will place a button just before the comment section and comments will load when user click on the Show Comments button.

I personally prefer On scroll option to load comment section. Now check your website page which has comments, you will notice that now the comments are lazy enough as per the option you choose.

If you are using Facebook comment or Discuss Comment instead of WordPress Native Comment System. Not a problem, I got you there – Read Lazy Load Facebook Comment in WordPress and Lazy Load Discuss Comment in WordPress in next post.

Do let me know which option suites you and why. Or you are using any other method to Lazy Load Comments in WordPress. Was this guide helpful for you, do post your opinion in the comment section below.

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