Best Social Share Plugins for WordPress

Learn about the Best Social Share Plugins for your WordPress Blog. After testing many Social Share Plugins, I find few of them stand out in terms loading time, visual design and features. How to display Social Share Buttons below excerpt on front page.

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In this post I am sharing what could be the Best Social Share Plugins for WordPress. After testing many Social Share Plugins, I find few of them stand out in terms loading time, visual design and features.

Social Share Buttons Plugin play an important role in promotion of your blog as well as content. Nowadays Social Media Websites hold the largest engagement time of internet users. Almost every internet user is using social media websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc.

According to Wikipedia statistics three major social networking websites i.e. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have approx. Three Billion registered users and still counting. So it’s a better idea to share your blog content on these rapidly growing social media websites.

The Best Social Share Plugins for WordPress Blog

Certainly, not in order. My favorite may not be yours, because your requirement can be different from me.

1. Flare: Flare offers both type of Social Share Buttons i.e. static horizontal buttons and vertical floating bar buttons. Flare buttons load faster than other social share plugin’s buttons.

flare horizontal bar
Flare horizontal bar


flare floating bar-n
Flare floating bar

Flare also offers option for readers to remove floating share bar from a webpage, if they want so. It also shows total share counts and individual counts for various services like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest etc. You can choose between left and right location alignment for static horizontal buttons and vertical floating bar. Static horizontal buttons can be placed in at starting and at ending of a post. Many popular websites are using Flare – one of the best social share plugins for WordPress.

 2. Digg Digg: It offers static horizontal Social Share Buttons as well as Social share floating bar. In static horizontal bar, this plugin also have lazy loading option for different social buttons. Digg Digg offer buttons for many popular services you can think. Plus, optional email and print button.

digg digg horizontal bar
Digg Digg horizontal bar
digg digg floating bar
Digg Digg floating bar

3. Jetpack by – Sharing: This plugin comes with many other features except Social share buttons. Social sharing is one of its features. It offers pretty decent button designs. These Jetpack social sharing buttons also perform very well in terms of loading time. This plugin is a good option for you, if you wish to have social share buttons below the post excerpt on home page of your blog. You can also use default design of Social Share Buttons with/without counter.

best social share plugins for wordpress jetpack only icons
Jetpack sharing – only icons
jetpack sharing icons with text
Jetpack sharing icons with text
Jetpack Sharing Buttons below excerpt on front page

4. WP Socializer: WP Socializer is packed with many features. This plugin offers so many settings for displaying buttons in different page layouts like home page, archives, post, page and excerpt etc. You can choose buttons design among plenty of icon options. Even you can use custom buttons with this plugin.

wp socializer horizontal buttons
WP Socializer horizontal buttons
wp socializer vertical bar
WP Socializer vertical bar

How do you like this post, share your views and which plugin you are using. According to you what could be Best Social Share Plugins for WordPress. Or suggest a plugin you like most with us for a detailed review. Feel free to add a comment something like “Um, Ola, DUHM!” in comment section.

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