3 Google Services must Setup after installing WordPress

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Why you need to set up Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Custom Search for WordPress. Importance of these free but enormously effective and efficient services by Google. An overview of features offered by Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Custom Search.

After installing WordPress now you are ready to have some statistics of your content reach to your readers. So let’s talk a bit about importance of these Google Services – Unless you have data regarding how well your blog is performing on Search Engines, you‘ll not be able to tune Search Engine Optimization of your blog. Until you know what content of your blog is the most popular among your readers, how you can target those topics or category in your next articles. And it‘ll also help you to create similar good quality content for your audience.

3 Google Services must Setup after installing WordPress
3 Google Services must Setup for WordPress

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is traffic data analysis service by Google for free. It’s a powerful tool to record, analyse and monitor traffic statistics of your blog or website.  There are so many unique features offered by Google Analytics. And it is the most popular visitor tracking online program.

google analytics

It offers a lot of information about number of user visited your blog during a specific span of time. Like today, a day before today i.e. yesterday or say last week or month. You can choose two custom dates between those, you wish to see all stats of traffic parameters (listed below) for your blog.

With Google Analytics you can track statistics of your visitors in the form of following major parameters offered by Google Analytics –

  • Number of User visited your blog
  • Number of Secessions
  • Number of Pageviews by Visitors
  • Average Secession Duration – Based on duration of Engagement of Visitors
  • Bounce Rate
  • New Visitors Vs. Returning Visitors – Pie Chart Form, Tabular Form
  • Demographic Information of Visitors – Country and City
  • Language of Visitors
  • System Information – Browser, Operating System and Service Provider of Visitors
  • Mobile Visitors Info – Operating System, Screen Resolution and Service Provider

Customization in Google Analytics features adds another advantage to its users. Once you understand it well by working with it for some time, you‘ll find it more useful and more effective.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools by Google is another must have service for bloggers and webmasters on their blogs or websites.

webmaster tools

Awesomeness starts with FREE. Yes it is free. Webmaster Tools offers comprehensive data of Search Queries on Search Engines. And position of your posts or say articles in search results for a specific search query.

With Google Webmaster Tools you can get all data about Queries, Impressions, Clicks and Click Through Rate (CTR). And Information of most visited pages on your blog.

Some of the main features of Webmaster Tools are listed below –

Search Appearance – Settings all around how your posts or content looks like in search results. HTML Improvements for pages. Data Highlighter etc.

Search Traffic – How well your blog is performing for Search Queries

  • Search Queries – Keywords for which your index pages shown in search results.
  • Links to Your Site – Name of Websites which linked your pages. And information of pages that are being linked.
  • Internal Links – Information of links that have been created on your blog or site internally like a tag, a category, a page or a post.

Google Index –  Data related to Indexing of Content

  • Index Status – A chart indicating Total Number of Indexed items Vs. Dates
  • Content Keywords – List of keywords which are frequently used in your content and their significance level.
  • Remove URLs – Using this you can request to remove an indexed page on Google.

Crawl – Crawl errors, robots.txt and Sitemaps Info

  • Crawl Errors – Information of Crawl Errors which Search Engine(s) faces during crawling of content on your blog or website.
  • Crawl Stats – Statistical Charts indicating Crawling Stats by Googlebot.
  • Sitemaps – Submit, remove or test a sitemap. Bar charts indicating Number of Indexed Pages/Images against Submitted Pages/Images.
  • Fetch as Google – Check how your blog or website appears to Google.
  • Blocked URLs – Edit robots.txt file here to block a URL to prevent access of that URL by Google or other Search Engines.
  • Security Issues – Inform you about necessary actions required for security of blog or website.

3. Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search is an alternative search tool in place of your search box. There are few things you must know about it before you setup it on you blog or website.

google custom search

  • Google Custom Search shows index pages of your blog or website on Google in results of a search performed for some keywords.
  • Before setting up Google Custom Search make sure that your blog or website have sufficient number of pages indexed on Google. You can immediately index pages by using Specific URLs option under Google Custom Search.
  • Google Custom Search reduces the load on your hosting server as it directly browse results from Google Search results but not from your database on hosting server.
  • It improves Search Engine Optimization of your blog or website.
  • With Google Custom Search you can choose among different search box layouts, designs and color themes.
  • You can integrate your AdSense Account to monetise Search results.

Also there are other options which you can figure out once you set up Google Custom Search as per your requirement and wish.

Conclusively, I hope information in the article is useful to you. These Google Services will help to have a better understanding about traffic statistics, keyword management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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